When algorithms get creative

Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence are the buzzwords of our age and there are many discussions on which processes will be taken over by computers and machines any time soon now. In a current debate on this topic somebody also raised the question: Will creatives and designers soon become superfluous?

The initial approaches can already be found in generative design because here a programmed algorithm determines the outcome. Design is done in a programming language on a computer, which translates the visual idea into a code following given constants. This means the design is created on the basis of a source code, software or algorithm and generated by machine. In addition to the previous elements of colour, shape, lettering and image new parameters such as coincidence, structure or repetition impact the design process. It is true that this process minimises the influence of the creative minds and designers to a 100% foreseeable result but offers a considerably wider scope for design in return.

New software and programs allow users to apply this young, digital design method without any major programming knowledge and realise ideas with the help of computer technology. The technology currently on every designer’s lips is based on the JavaScript-Framework p5.js.

Jordan Graves, a designer based in Atlanta, has been active in generative design for some time already and looks at the production of apparel, to name but one application. She has developed an online tool that allows users to design their own knitwear. Repeat Offender is the name of her solution that makes possible ever new looks in a seemingly endless variety of colours and patterns.

For $ 145 you can have a personalised style generated and knitted at her online shop.
We had a PromoTex Expo-Design generated for us.

But beware: the possibilities offered by generative design are so diverse that there is hardly an end to it. Try out and see for yourself how difficult it is to decide on one final version. With each mouse click there is a new design.

Photo fabric: Karly Santiago on Unsplash
Photo Pullover: Jordan Graves Repeat Offender