Water for all. Yet another vision.

Clean drinking water is perfectly normal for most people in our hemisphere. The minute it does not simply run out of the tap we immediately realise: access to water is of paramount importance.

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is a charitable organisation committed to ensuring access to clean water worldwide. The Initiative promotes water projects and activities at home and abroad along the lines “Wasser for All – All for Water”. All-Profit rather than non-profit, i.e. everyone benefits, is at the forefront of their work. Fun and pleasure in combination with added value are firmly embedded in the charity’s guidelines. To finance water projects Viva con Agua relies on a network of supporters, donations and the power of positive activism.

The funds raised go to WASH projects worldwide. WASH stands for WAter, Sanitary and Hygiene and improves the standards of living for many people within the supported communities long-term.

In Germany Viva con Agua pursues many activities. The charity uses art, music and sports as universal languages for activating the civil society. Visits to concerts and festivals, talks delivered at schools and universities, children’s and youth projects and cooperation with business form the pillars of this volunteer network. Add to this the Viva con Agua mineral water available at the supermarket and in restaurants. Each bottle raises awareness about their drinking water vision. The product generates exposure for this issue and offers possibilities for getting in touch with new target groups. After all, each bottle is like a “liquid flyer” promoting the big aim: clean drinking water for all.

At PromoTex Expo Viva con Aqua exhibits in Hall 13, B32 and provides information on drinking water projects. In alliance with other exhibitors the organisation would like to widen visitors’ perspectives and draw their attention to fun activism and a positive commitment to the environment as well as the vision “Water for All”. After all, consumption and supply are also pressing issues in the textile industry. Let’s discuss.

The Viva con Agua team is looking forward to your visit and will also be pleased to inform visitors about current drinking water projects.

Photo: Clint McKoy on Unsplash