Tree by Tree

Titelbild Tree by tree

The young dress and accessories brand Nikin shows how entrepreneurial growth and commercial success can be reconciled with sustainable and fair fashion. The lifestyle brand that is available at a webshop and various physical stores in Switzerland was established by one Business Administration and one Industrial Design student in Switzerland in 2016. The two former boy scouts and skaters had already planned to launch a joint project for a long time. Their vision: a fashion label that makes an ecological impact.

The result is Nikin, a label with a collection comprising T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and drinking bottles produced sustainably and fairly from high-quality materials, which sport a timeless design and affordable price. For each product sold the company plants one tree. To this end Nikin cooperates with two non-profit organisations: OneTreePlanted from the USA and BorneoOrangutanSurvival from Switzerland.

The products with a tree logo and afforestation background went down well with shoppers and demand has skyrocketed. Since its foundation Nikin has been able to plant 160,000 trees thereby providing impressive proof that a social and sociological mindset can indeed be reconciled with entrepreneurial success. Apart from the sustainable purpose a positive customer journey is also firmly embedded in the corporate philosophy. The team counts 15 full-time and part-time employees who currently serve some 40,000 active customers with flexible and customer-focused services. Nikin uses various social media channels for communication boasting over 70,000 followers.

And figures are rising. Because such corporate concepts are especially well received by GEN Z, which is a highly coveted target group, and these concepts also convince consumers with authentic storytelling and a genuine social background. The generation born between 1998 and 2016 not only displays high online affinity and a strong focus on experiences but also attaches great importance to the sustainability of brands. Good for Nikin because according to a study by management consultancy OC&C this purchasing mind-set will be shared by one third of consumers worldwide in approx. 10 years from now.

Photo: Nikin