Textile design with Artificial Inteligence

A Berlin-based startup develops personalised textile designs with AI with a view to also revolutionising the manufacturing process.

Textile design with Artificial Intelligence
Anna Franziska Michel is the founder of Yoona Technology. The fashion designer and sports scientist and her team have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the basis of a neuronal network. This AI allows textiles to be designed on the basis of personal data. The result are individual garments with that special “personal touch”.

Yoona Technology started the development in a research group at the Faculty of Business Informatics at the HTW Berlin. Last year the company cooperated with Microsoft to launch “yooneeque”, a software for designing individual sportswear based on training data. yooneeque was also used to design the new outfit of the ladies’ volleyball team at Club Berlin Marzahn. During its training the team collected their movement data based on which the intelligent software generated the new team jersey.

Apart from the ability to translate personal movement data into garment lines, Yoona AI can also transpose this into an aesthetic design and map it onto a garment. Teaching Artificial Intelligence to do just this was hard work says Anna Franziska Michel. But the task was accomplished and now the Yoona algorithm can do even more. This AI permits cutting patterns to be produced and adapted to the body and allows the design to be optimally placed in line with the selected garment. This way the value chain in the design process can be shortened and the manufacturing process changed sustainably. As a result, regional production becomes attractive again thereby creating jobs in an industry that has seen little positive change lately. This is how Anna Franziska Michel sees the vision of her company that can become reality with the help of this intelligent technology.

Interested? Come up with your own design here – after uploading your personal training data Yoona will make several design options and a concept available. The first design is free of charge.

Photo: James glas@unsplash.com

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