Intertek demonstrates test procedures

From colour fastness tests to performance tests of ballpoint pens: At PromoTex Expo, Intertek will be providing information on laboratory tests and legal regulations.


As one of the leading providers of tailor-made quality assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions, Intertek offers cross-industry services. Services range from laboratory testing to regulatory testing. Intertek will be showing visitors to PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom how this works in practice at the Textile Campus on all three days of the fair from 7 to 9 January 2020. The experts will essentially be presenting four test procedures – and this with the help of


– Load cells for tensile force tests with appropriate hooks and adapters

– Crockmeters for textile testing: Colour fastness tester against wet and dry friction (including grey/black scale for result determination)

– Small parts cylinders for checking whether products contain small parts that can be swallowed

– Performance tests of ballpoint pens.


In addition, Intertek provides an insight into everyday laboratory life and shows examples in finished work steps, such as


– pollutant samples are analysed by weighing and extraction

– an extraction by means of Soxhlet works

– Thin-layer chromatography is used to separate colours (e.g. green in blue and yellow).