High profits thanks to Mass Customization

One-off pieces are something very special. Made to order such a product also has a very personal touch, and this fascinates customers with a flair for all things individual. And they are happy to dig deeper into their pockets for this.

Both small workshops and large manufacturers like to cater to this demand for individualism because this segment promises profitable sales – provided their workflows fit; because one-off production is contract production. Products are not made for a larger market with various shoppers but for one specific customer order. This customisation and individual production is not only interesting for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that produce manually or semi-automatically. Customization also means promising business for large industrial outfits.

Sports shoe and sporting goods manufacturer Nike has been committed to mass-customization for several years now. NIKEiD is the name of the game: here shoppers can create their individual pair of sneakers in a few clicks. Styles are either designed at home or using an in-store computer configurator. Select a style, choose the colour and design appliqués, pay. There you go. In 3 to 5 weeks the personalised pair is produced.

With NIKEiD it is possible to offer a variety of versions based on one basic style in combination with a selection of appliqués. This way, shoppers can get a personalised product according to their style and predilections. And with the right workflow, customer-specific production becomes possible without foregoing the cost benefits of process-oriented mass production. Modern software and manufacturing machinery combine the advantages of mass production with those of made-to-order production.

Find out how mass customization can boost sales in a presentation by Peter Niedermann from Melco International LLC on 8 January 2019. From 11.00 to 11.30 am he will explain on the “Forum 13” stage in Hall 13, A16 how brand manufacturers use embroidery machines and an IT-assisted workflow to meet individual customer requirements and succeed in achieving profitable volumes.

Melco is an exhibitor at viscom and has a stand in Hall 13, A10.

Photo: Forteam Communication