Finer fitness in teamwear

In Germany some 30 million people exercise at least once a month. In 2018 the number of sports club members totalled 23.9 million.

Today, sports are no longer just about top performance but also about making social connections and sharing experiences. Fun is often in the foreground and regular physical exercise is expected to compensate for stressful daily routines. However, just because you are not a competitive sportsperson does not mean you have to miss out on the matching sportswear and functional clothing. For sports shoes alone experts forecast market volume to reach approx. 54 million sold pairs in 2019. And matching pants, shirts and accessories mean fitness enthusiasts can be perfectly decked out.

With its brand Roly Gorfactory offers a wide range of sports lines and fitness wear. The sport utility shirts “Bahrein”, for example, are available in 20 colours for men, women and children. The functional Tees are made of 100% polyester and finished with UV protection and Dry Control for optimal moisture transport. For team sports a logotype or team logo can easily be applied to their front, back or sleeves. The special effect: the label inside can be peeled off. This means, the Bahrein line can also be fitted with a team or club logo inside. Shirts are given a private label feel, which impresses wearers, helps identification with the team or club and helps wearers feel part of the fitness community. This is how simple garments turn into strong branding tools.

Photo: Roly / Gorfactory