FAQ visitors

A total of around 20,000 visitors, including the exhibitors and visitors of the parallel trade fairs PSI and viscom.
Trade visitors from the fields of textile decoration, promotional products, sign making,  textile and fashion design, sports retailers, online retailers, agencies, specialized trade for professional and sports clothing, advertising, events, industry, boutiques and retailers, souvenir shops, copy shops, merchandising and marketing.

  • PromoTex Expo ticket holders are allowed to visit viscom in addition to PromoTex Expo and Marketing Innovations. PromoTex Expo ticket holders aren’t allowed to visit PSI.
  • PSI ticket holders may visit viscom and PromoTex Expo in addition to PSI and Marketing Innovations.
  •  viscom ticket holders are allowed to visit viscom and PromoTex Expo and Marketing Innovations. viscomticket holders aren’t allowed to visit PSI.
    Exceptions: the ticket holders of the PromoTex Expo and / or viscom can be verified in the run-up to the shows or on-site as a promotional products distributor/consultant or they are invited by a PSI distributor or consultant as an industry customer on the third day of the show..
  • PSI remains in halls 9-12.
  • The first-time-event PromoTex Expo is located in hall 13.
  • The viscom is located in the lower part of hall 13 and in the entire hall 14.
  • Marketing Innovations is located in hall 12.
  • The PromoTex Expo can be reached directly via entrance North-East (entrance hall 13), but the fair can also be reached via the East Entrance.
    Via the North Entrance only PSI members will have access to PromoTex Expo. From there you can reach the PromoTex Expo in hall 13 via PSI halls 9 to 12.
  •  Direct access to the PSI can be obtained via the entrances North and North-East.
  • The viscom can be reached directly via the entrance East.
  • PSI ticket holders can visit all three trade shows without restrictions at any of the three entrances. PromoTex Expo and viscom ticket holders can only use entrance North-East and entrance East and visit halls 13 and 14 without restrictions. The admission to the PSI show is explicitly checked (entrance North & entrance North-East, transition hall 13 to hall 12)
  • For many years, viscom has always taken place annually in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. Strategic considerations have led to the decision to run viscom from 2019 only in Düsseldorf, especially since this location is significantly more international, larger and more industrial shaped.
  • The concept of viscom, which has been the trade fair for the entire value chain of visual communication in Europe for more than 30 years, has basically not changed.
  • New is the early date in January and the running of the show in parallel with the PSI and PromoTex Expo. January is a good month for order and presentation at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  • Together with viscom and PSI, this will create Europe’s largest and unique platform for advertising and selling with textile, haptic and visual communication.
  • PromoTex Expo and viscom exhibitors can invite their customers free of charge, regardless of their position or company. You do not have access to PSI member data.
  •  Exhibiting PSI members may continue to invite PSI distributors free of charge. Regardless of where they exhibit (PSI, PromoTex Expo or viscom).