Crocodile makes room for endangered species

This is the second year for Lacoste’s brand icon – the Crocodile – to clear its accustomed place on polo shirts making way for endangered species.

The idea for this species protection campaign came care of French agency BETC in 2018. Their creative minds convinced Lacoste to “sacrifice” the world-famous logo for the benefit of endangered species.

This year sees the campaign “SOS – Save our Species” draw attention to ten endangered species and 3,250 animals. Lacoste has sold the shirts produced for the cooperation with IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature in nine outlets worldwide and online since the International Biodiversity Day on 22 May. The number of polos produced corresponds to the number of animals of these species still living in the wild. 100% of the proceeds go to funding protection measures for securing long-term survival of the species. Beyond this, the campaign promotes species protection worldwide and raises awareness about global species extinction.

“This is an exciting cooperation that already makes an important contribution today. We are happy that the proceeds from last year’s campaign are contributing to conserving the highly endangered Burmese roof turtles in Myanmar,” said Thierry Guibert, the CEO of Lacoste.

On the web you can find further details on the ten species this year’s campaign is all about. 1,400 shirts featuring the Hawaiian monk seal were sold online in no time at In Germany shoppers were able to acquire 90 white polo shirts with the Addax antelope at the Berlin Lacoste store on Kurfürstendamm. This white antelope used to be found across the entire Sahara. The last surviving animals live in small retreats in Mauretania, Mali, Niger and Chad.

Addax antelope

A similar cooperation was initiated by outdoor label Canada Goose in 2018. For several years now the company has supported Polar Bears International (PBI), an organisation committed to protecting polar bears and their habitats worldwide. To mark the tenth anniversary of this cooperation Canada Goose joined forces with the Pantone Color Institute to develop the blue shade “PBI Blue” for a special jacket collection and accessories. Part of the proceeds go to research and teaching about the conservation of polar bear habitats.

Photos: Lacoste