Smart lightwear brings light into darkness

The electric apparel brand Lunative is making a splash with smart and innovative e-textiles: setting trends in the lifestyle and functional apparel market with their “Active Ambient Lightwear”, the Hamburg-based tech company in 2017 won the coveted German Design Award with a light jacket for Audi. An actively glowing electroluminescent seam, specially developed by Lunative, makes the clothing shine and ensures night-time visibility and safety for wearers on dark paths. Continue reading “Smart lightwear brings light into darkness”

Organic scarf protects against dirty air

Air pollution from emissions and exhaust is a worldwide problem. Munich topped the list of German cities with the highest annual average nitrogen oxide values in 2017 – Düsseldorf came in at a still-not-so-great ninth place of Germany’s most polluted cities. Almost daily, we’re inundated with reports about high levels of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions in our cities and discussions surrounding a diesel vehicle ban. Continue reading “Organic scarf protects against dirty air”