A clever reusable packaging concept

Shipping clothes and the resultant packaging waste this causes are a major headache for the fashion industry. The three founders of the company RePack from the Finnish capital of Helsinki, and who founded an agency for sustainable design back in 2011, set out to find a solution to these problems. Their reasoning was that a country like Finland, considered a pioneer in developing bottle recycling, would be predestined to take on a task like this. What works with PET bottles could also help e-commerce. It was with this in mind that they founded RePack in 2013, combining the concepts of sustainability and industrial design in their project.

From l. to r.: the founders of RePack, Juha Mäkelä, Jonne Hellgren, Peter Piirainen

What has been put in place is a clever concept that utilizes sturdy practical packaging made of recycled polypropylene and which is available in different sizes.

RePack is available in three standard sizes

The packaging can be used at least 20 times. After use the packaging can be quite simply folded down to a normal letter format and returned to RePack from any mailbox in the world.

The empty packaging being returned in letter format

Sturdy and yet easy-to-remove adhesive labels were also developed in conjunction with label manufacturers. The small postage format means you are not shipping any unnecessarily empty space, saving both money and CO2. In total, 80% CO2 savings are made in comparison to disposable packaging, drastically reducing the amount of waste generated. RePack checks and cleans the packaging on its return in readiness for its next journey.

The RePack Cycle

AIf required, RePack is also able to develop custom systems for an individual brand or company alongside the standard packaging solutions they currently offer.
This shipping solution is not just popular with users but has also inspired teams of experts, so that RePack has already won some major prizes, including the Pactec Award (FIN), the Green Alley Award (D) and the Nordic Council Environment Prize (DK). According to the company owners, as well as having the obvious benefits of reducing the amount of CO2 and waste generated, RePack also promotes customer loyalty and increases the level of trust in a textile manufacturer or retailer. There is a whole range of different aspects that help promote sustainable trading and management. With its ideas, RePack is making its own important contribution to this area

Images: RePack
Text: Reiner Knochel